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Secured Flatbed Towing in The Surrounding Durham Regions

At Alpine Towing & Storage, we understand the importance of secure, reliable, and efficient towing services. Whether you're stranded due to a breakdown, involved in an accident, or simply need to move a vehicle from point A to point B, our flatbed towing services ensure the highest standards of safety and professionalism. Proudly serving the surrounding Durham regions, our reputation for excellence is backed by years of experience and a team of dedicated professionals committed to your peace of mind.


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What Is a Flatbed Tow?

A flatbed tow uses a specially designed truck with a level, flat platform to transport vehicles. Rather than using hooks or chains like traditional methods, the vehicle is carefully driven or loaded onto this bed and then firmly secured for transit. This approach minimizes the potential for damage, making it the go-to option for vehicles that require extra care, such as luxury, vintage, or classic cars. Due to the sturdy and spacious nature of the flatbed, this method is also favoured for transporting larger or unconventional vehicles, including RVs, boats, and even certain machinery.

Benefits of Flatbed Towing

There are various benefits of flatbed towing including:


  • Safety: The risk of damage to the vehicle being towed is reduced. With all wheels off the ground, there's no risk of wear or potential accidents due to dragging.

  • Versatility: From motorcycles to small machinery, flatbeds can accommodate a wide range of vehicles and equipment.

  • Efficiency: With faster loading and securing times, flatbeds can often get the job done more quickly than other methods.

  • Reduced liability: With the vehicle securely fastened on the platform, there’s a reduced risk of it getting unhooked or causing accidents on the road.

  • Protection for all-wheel-drive vehicles: For AWD vehicles, flatbed towing is the safest method. Traditional towing might damage the transmission of AWD vehicles.

When Flatbed Towing is Used

Flatbed towing can be used for the following:


  • Vehicle accidents: After collisions or accidents, vehicles might not be in a drivable state. Flatbed towing ensures such vehicles are safely transported without causing further damage.

  • Classic & luxury cars: For high-end, vintage, or luxury cars, flatbed towing is the preferred choice. It prevents wear and tear by ensuring all four wheels are off the ground during transportation.

  • Non-operational vehicles: For cars that cannot be started or moved, a flatbed tow truck can offer a convenient solution.

  • Long-distance towing: For transporting vehicles over long distances, flatbeds ensure lesser wear and tear compared to traditional tow trucks.

  • Heavy machinery & equipment: Apart from vehicles, flatbeds can be used to transport heavy machinery or other oversized items that might not fit on traditional tow trucks.

Why Choose Us for Flatbed Towing in Durham

Unlike traditional tow trucks, flatbeds offer enhanced protection by keeping all tires off the road, eliminating potential wear and tear or further damage during transit. This method is especially crucial for vehicles with special considerations, such as low clearances or those that have already suffered damage. With Alpine Towing & Storage, you're not just getting a tow; you're investing in premium care for your vehicle. We provide:


  • Local to long-distance, light to medium-duty towing, with the added specialty of flatbed and winching services.

  • 24/7, 365 days a year availability. Our commitment ensures that when adversity strikes, a friendly and professional Alpine team member is just a call away.

  • A rapid response, reaching you in as little as 30 minutes.

  • Relief from the hassles of insurance, reporting, and post-accident formalities to us while you recollect and recuperate.


When the unexpected happens, ours is a name you can trust. Contact our team in Durham today.

Need Emergency Assistance?

Our roadside assistance services ensure we are there for you whenever you need us.

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