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24-Hour Emergency Roadside Assistance Across the Durham Region

Stranded somewhere? Don't panic. At Alpine Towing & Storage, we're fully equipped to get you back on the road again quickly and safely. Facing unexpected vehicular troubles can be daunting, but relief is just a call away for residents of the broader Durham Region. Alpine Towing & Storage proudly offers 24-hour emergency roadside assistance, ensuring that our expert team is on standby whether you're grappling with a flat tire on a secluded road, a drained battery at dawn, or locked keys in your car during a late-night outing. Renowned for rapid response times and unparalleled professionalism, we're a trusted companion, ensuring no driver feels alone or stranded, irrespective of the hour. Contact us today for emergency roadside assistance in Durham.

What Is Roadside Assistance?

Roadside assistance is essentially a lifeline for drivers, stepping in when they're faced with vehicular troubles they can't resolve alone. Imagine being stranded in a remote location without fuel; this service allows you to reach out to a dedicated team for aid. From towing needs to delivering fuel, roadside assistance ensures swift and reliable support. A significant perk is their round-the-clock availability, ensuring you're covered during both day and night emergencies.

Why You Should Get Roadside Assistance

We offer various services to help motorists during vehicle breakdowns, covering situations from flat tires to dead batteries and beyond. Opting for such services, like those from Ontario Towing, provides numerous benefits:


  • Quick response: We prioritize rapid responses and timely recovery. Unlike waiting indefinitely for highway patrols, we come to you the right way, with advanced tech to pinpoint your location, ensuring quick help during those urgent moments.

  • Safety: The unpredictability of car breakdowns can leave one vulnerable. With a trusted roadside assistance provider like us on speed dial, you're guaranteed a secure exit from potential hazards, ensuring timely intervention.

  • Economic value: Rather than hurriedly seeking a mechanic and potentially facing exorbitant charges, our roadside assistance offers an economical solution. We provide the necessary vehicle services so you can avoid the risk of being overcharged or deceived by opportunistic mechanics.

  • Expert care: Entrusting your vehicle to a roadside mechanic can be risky. They may lack the expertise and often seek to profit from distressed customers. Our professional roadside assistance teams are adept and trained, ensuring your vehicle receives top-tier care.

  • Assured peace: Roadside assistance teams are efficient; they identify the issue and swiftly rectify it, sparing you with prolonged stress and uncertainty.

  • Versatility: Relying solely on local mechanics can limit the range of services available to you. Unlike these specialists who may focus on specific issues, roadside assistance teams are versatile, offering comprehensive solutions for many vehicle challenges.

Roadside Assistance Services We Provide

We offer various roadside assistance services in Durham:


  • Jumpstart/boosts: Whether chilly winter morning or a sweltering summer day, a dead battery can strike anytime, leaving you stranded. Our prompt jumpstart service ensures you're back on the road without delay.

  • Flat tire change: A flat tire can disrupt your plans and put you in a vulnerable position. With our expertise, we swiftly change your flat tire, sparing you the hassle of wrestling with lug nuts.

  • Unlocks: Accidentally locking yourself out of your vehicle is frustrating. Our professional team employs safe and efficient techniques to quickly unlock your car without causing any damage.

  • Fuel delivery: Running out of fuel in the middle of nowhere is a driver's nightmare. Our fuel delivery service ensures you're supplied with the fuel you need to continue your journey with ease.

  • Accidents: Accidents can be distressing, leaving you unsure of the next steps. Our experienced team not only tows your vehicle away from the scene but also assists with the necessary procedures and formalities, reducing stress during a challenging time.


Plus, we're one of the few towing companies in Durham to offer mobile credit card/debit machines, so you're not limited to cash! Feel free to reach out to us to learn more about our services.

Ready to Assist You 24/7

Whatever roadside emergency you have, we are always available to assist you.

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